Indoor Plants will Beautify Your work Environment and help to make it healthier

Living indoor plants bring the great outdoors inside, for all to appreciate and enjoy.

Plants in your workplace make it green, attractive and help your team to be more efficient and effective.

Improve Indoor Air Quality 24/7

Sick building syndrome and associated air conditioning systems are a major concern to all office environments.

Scientific studies show that indoor plants help to address our indoor environment’s air quality and our carbon footprint. Polluted air from outside and inside mixes with toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from plastic / synthetic office furniture, finishes, carpets, computers, copiers and printers, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

These are reduced by over 80% with the addition of indoor plants.

Staff welfare and well-being, motivation and productivity dramatically increase due to the cleaner air and oxygen that naturally comes from living plants green leaves, root matter and potting mix - all day, and all night, 24/7.

Lower Stress & Improve Well-being- Just Add Plants

The quality of interior air is extremely important to our well-being. Especially when you consider how much time we spend indoors. Research proves that living plants in the workplace help lower stress and improve psychological health.

Staff suffer less headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, anxiety, dry skin and eye nose and throat problems with increased levels of concentration and productivity.

And it’s easy. Just add plants. 

Increase Productivity and Create Innovation

Research shows that living indoor plants in the workspace:

  •     Improve productivity and performance
  •     Increase speed and accuracy at tasks
  •     Encourage creative thinking and innovation
  •     Lower stress, illness and sick leave
  •     Reduce depression and anxiety
  •     Empower staff with a sense of identity, loyalty and job satisfaction

Reduce Noise Indoors- Focus on Improvement

Living plants provide a natural buffer to workplace noise and studies demonstrate that they are extremely effective in absorbing ambient background sounds and echo.

Get rid off that cacophony of noise or empty echoing office syndrome with healthy plant life that is well maintained and serviced weekly.

Plants help create an environment that is attractive and inviting and fosters a workplace community. Staff that enjoy their surroundings are happier and more productive.


* For more information /bibliography (link to PDF’s)